Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on May 10, 2017
In this talk Audrey Watters, visiting fellow at DMLL, discussed some of the most significant trends in education and technology. Audrey is a writer who focuses on the relationship between politics, pedagogy, business, culture and ed-tech. Since 2007 she has been releasing at the end of every year an in-depth review of the most important and influential trends in education technology.
Audrey Watters is the author of The Monsters of Education Technology (2014), The Revenge of the Monsters of Education Technology (2015), The Curse of the Monsters of Education Technology (2016), and collections of her keynotes and public talks. She also published Claim Your Domain in 2015, which argues students should control their digital identities and digital work.
The talk is aimed at anyone – lecturers, staff and students – interested in the implications of emerging technology trends for education.

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