Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Streamed live on Jun 27, 2016
Please join us in the Grass for a Disruptive Bytes session on Certification in Gamification with António Coelho (University of Porto), Helen Routledge (Totem Learning) and Samantha Clarke (Coventry University).

Serious games are starting to attain a higher role as learning tools in contexts such as education and training. In this talk we provide a set of guidelines for game designers to build specific games, not only for training, but also for the certification of competences. These guidelines are established on a triadic of components: Competencies / Mechanics / Play, following the approach of Casper Harteveld (Play / Meaning / Reality). This is needed for balancing the relationship between the game mechanics based in serious games genres, the array of competences to certify and the game elements.

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