Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Streamed live on Feb 24, 2016
*Join us for a Disruptive Byte with Teresa Mackinnon and Katherine Wimpenny discussing intercultural learning through online collaboration.*

Disruptive Bytes is still an hour long session, but packed with more flavour to spice up your lunchtime; we are seeking to bring you more shorter talks for you to get a good taste for what we mean by disruptive learning.

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*Teresa Mackinnon, University of Warwick*
Implementing Open Badges in Online Intercultural Exchange

With the arrival of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the educational scene and their seemingly low completion and high attrition rates, the question of how to support motivation that leads to sustained participation and interaction among online learning partners has received renewed attention. MOOCs offer a range of informal to formal learning opportunities and follow a spectrum of network-, task-, and content-based approaches (Lane, 2012). Such activity is readily comparable to telecollaborative activities, sometimes known as Online Intercultural Exchange (OIE). In this talk I will briefly present how, with my collaborator Mirjam Haulk (OU), we investigated the impact of deploying Open Badges in a large scale OIE (Clavier) and present a framework for their deployment.

*Katherine Wimpenny, Disruptive Media Learning Lab*

Opening up international online spaces for learning: meeting and challenging students’ expectations and disciplinary understandings

In this session I will share pedagogical strategies used in two online international learning projects that aimed to break down barriers that stifle and restrict what can be known and achieved through collaborative educational experiences. Both projects required students and staff to manage uncertainty and take risks; to collaborate, support, seek change and manage professional structures to enhance students intercultural sensitivity and creative practice.

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